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transforms lives

Experience breakthroughs that lead to challenge your thinking, resulting in remarkable changes in careers, relationships and quality of life.

One : One Coaching

Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part friend, coaches work people helping them define and achieve their goals.

Relationship & Group Coaching

The trained life coach knows how to help you set the right goals, make more money, and structure your personal and professional life to achieve greater productivity with less effort.

Career Coaching

Coaching typically works best with a weekly call so clients have time to integrate ways of thinking, take action each week toward their goals.

I am the youngest of six daughters, the mother of three wonderfully kind humans, and nana to one brilliant little girl and two beautiful newborn twins, a boy and a girl! I am also the business partner and life partner to my husband of 25 years. My life path has taken me many many places, and on various journeys. What I have learned about myself is. I am absolutely fascinated by people. I am in love with people! While I am an introvert at heart, the majority of the time, I would say that I am truly an ambivert. I can, in certain situations, be comfortable in the spotlight! What I love the most about people, is their infinite capacity for love and compassion. I am always in awe of the resilience and resplendence of the human spirit.

I have had various careers in my life so far, including Human Resource Manager, Events Coordinator, Fitness Instructor, Independent Business Owner. All of these paths have involved interactions with others, and what I discovered was, one of my core values. The core value I discovered for me is, I highly value being of service to others. This discovery is what led me to CTI (Coaches Training & Certification) to become a Personal Development Coach. The relationship and collaboration between coach and client is a majestic journey into what is possible for the client, a journey that is as exciting in discovery as it is profound. This is what being of service to others means for me. Having the ability, tools, and knowledge of how to open new perspectives for clients, push past limiting beliefs, and forge forward into their fulfilling and brilliant life, has become my life’s work and my purpose.

Working together
for your better life

An article revealed a study where training alone was compared to life coaching combined with training. The study showed that training combined with weekly life coaching increased productivity.

Judy is a very lovely, competent life coach..she really is a good listener and knows how to take you on a personal discovery journey which expands you horizons and pushes you towards the outer rim of your capabilities. I learned to explore my values, and identified what is really important to me, and to align my choices, my way of being in my life with those values. This brings more satisfaction and joy to my life. With Judy you are safe!

Maria Brouwer
Executive Director
Harmony House



I absolutely recommend this lady 150%. She was so accommodating in making me feel comfortable and relaxed during our sessions. I was dealing with some very specific traumatic issues that were stopping me from moving forward. I had all my tools from my therapists helping me along but there was just that one-more-thing I needed to get me through and that was Judy’s calm and reassuring conversations and thought provoking ideas. I am my own Captain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Carol Wardley


Judy has so many ideas and methods for dialing me into what it most important to me and what I value most in my life. Always focusing on how to move my life in a direction I choose towards my goals and values, not a direction I simply land in. The biggest take away for me was that often a small shift in my perception can sometimes change my entire view. Judy is amazing at making impactful comments and helping me to see a problem or struggle with an often much needed change, resulting in a fresh and much more positive approach. This skill is extremely useful in my professional life as well as my personal life… my interactions with co-workers and family have all benefited enormously from the coaching I was so fortunate to receive from Judy.

Carmen Kelly


I would like to extend my gratitude to Judy for helping me through several issues, such as loss, trauma,and had a hard time moving forward, and letting it go. I’m also a people pleaser, I learned it was ok to please myself too. Her coaching skills are amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease to discuss everything I needed to. She literally took me on a deep personal journey, showed me the skills I needed and I now have a new perspective on life, I have her to thank for the new me.

Lorena Spoletini


I found Judy easy to speak with, a good listener with a sincere heart. Judy helped me to set up boundaries that have been beneficial to attaining my goals both personally and professionally. Her coaching allowed me to overcome fears and build a foundation for growth and success. Judy asked the right questions and provided constructive task that helped me to identify what’s important in my life.

Teresa Rice

Fluid Events  – Event Manager


Working with Judy was an amazing experience for our team. We’ve all worked together for years at this point, but Judy showed us new ways of being with and appreciating one another that breathed new life and enthusiasm into our relationships. The quality of service we are able to provide has improved since we began learning from Judy, as has employee satisfaction with the work we’re doing.

Jordan Harris
Executive Director, The POUNDS Project


Judy has been my coach for two years now. When we entered each other’s lives, I was in a state of flux with a million ways to go forward. Through deep ntrospection and refining my vision, I’ve carved an existence focused clarity and authenticity.

I find Judy’s presence to be emotionally warm, poetic and encouraging. There are no wrong answers as we discover new truths. Any stumbles are met with genuine respect and devotion to growth.

I can say with 100% certainty that our coaching relationship has been fundamental in my development – both personally and professionally.

Jill W
Executive Director, The POUNDS Project

What is Coaching?

Coaching is in essence a relatioinship. It is a relatuoinship built between coach and client, intentionally, with commitment to the transformation of the client. Through meaningful explorative conversation, open and authentic dialogue, we can get to the heart of what matters, what change is desired or needed.

What coaching isn’t… It’s not therapy, or counselling. Coaching differs from therapy or counselling, in that , transformation in the present is the focus. Here and now are the focus for the client and the coach. Coachimg is also directed by the clients agenda, what the client wants to change or uncover, is what inspires the conversation and the work we do together. You (the client) bring you desire for change, I bring my insight and skills to assist you in your transformational journey

Is Coaching for you?

If you have asked yourself questions like; Is this it? Is this all there is to life? Why don’t I feel excited or happy about the future anymore? Why am I feeling unsatisfied? Why am I not excited about this new job? I cant figure our what I want to do..Why cant I just make a decision?


Why can’t I seem to get recognized at work? Why don’t other people get me? Why can’t I get along with other people easily? Why can’t I be successful in a relationship? Why can’t I just get over it?

If any of these are familiar, or bring out any emotion, then coaching can be for you. The key to coaching, is your commitment and desire to change or transformation, and the coach’s commitment to you the client, to listen, be honest, transparent, and courageous in calling you forth to be the best vesion of you

What you can expect?

- You can expect to learn more about yourself, your core values and beliefs. Another way of thinking of it is understanding your operating system!
- You can expect clarity, new perspective, and new found vigor, energy for growth and change.
- You can expect me, your coach , to listen, to truly hear you, free from any judgement or preconceived opinions, to understand what you desire, what you are feeling. You can expect me to be your biggest ally in your journey in transformation.

My Commitment to you as your coach

I am committed to your growth and transformation. This means that I am in your corner, with unwavering support. It means I will have the courage to ask the hard questions, to be with you and stay, with what transpires in the answers. Ours is a conversation with no assumption, no judgment, the focus is on you. Its about what you really want, where you are going, and what you need to get there...


Read our latest blog posts and find out how can you improve your life immediately.

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Read our latest blog posts and find out how can you improve your life immediately.

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Copyright by The Forward Shift. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The Forward Shift. All rights reserved.